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03 Dec 2013 
Stryker Corp. faces a new lawsuit due to the adverse effects of the company’s recalled hip replacement devices. The plaintiff, Mary Kay McDowell, filed the lawsuit on November 19, 2013 in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois in Peoria. McDowell was implanted with two of the Stryker hip devices on March 15, 2012.

There are already thousands of lawsuits filed against Stryker. In fact, a multidistrict litigation (MDL) and multicounty litigation (MCL) were already formed. In another news, a mediation of some Stryker cases will commence this December 2013.

Most plaintiffs, like McDowell, are seeking due compensation from Stryker for the damages caused by the premature failure of the recalled hip implants. 

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17 Jun 2013 

A hip replacement patient may attain quick recovery from the surgery by employing several proven and effective techniques or methods, according to online sources. After the surgery, it is recommended for a patient to follow the set of precaution and exercises. A patient may acquired the best outcome by following instructions and sustaining some limitations during recovery, as stated by Considering that hip replacement is a major surgical procedure, it requires to be taken seriously and these proven and effective methods, it increases the chances of fast recovery and avoid certain side effects.

Fast recovery may require you to decide for a doctor with more than enough experience in hip replacement surgery. You need him or her to guide you throughout the healing process.

A physical therapy is required short after the hip replacement surgery. The goal of for early physical therapy is to make the patient to walk safely and prevent dislocation of the hip implant or suffer other injuries. A set of simple bed exercises is given by your physical therapist to prevent the development of blood clots and tightening of the thighs, squeezing of the buttocks, or pointing your feet up and down.

The coordination between your doctor and physical therapist may greatly help you in recovering your range of motion and flexibility and continue with your normal daily life. Strength is build by these exercises, as well as improves the motion of your hip. The following are simple bed exercises, which may help you to recover fast from the surgery.

• Ankle pumps and circles

• Thigh squeezes (quadriceps sets)

• Heel slides (hip and knee flexion)

• Leg slides (abduction/adduction)

• Lying kicks (short arc quadriceps)

• Buttock squeezes (gluteal sets)

• Sitting kicks (long arc quadriceps)

Stryker ABG II hip replacement recall is very popular. Specifically, experts say, tiny fragments of metal shear off from these artificial joints, causing chronic pain or infection and raising levels of metal in the bloodstream.







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